that  supports your soul and bottom line without the burn out!
I’m Debbie K Barker, and I’ve created this program to help you create a business that supports your soul and bottom line without the burn out! 

I know in my heart that you became a holistic body-worker because you want to help others.
  • Maybe your story was like mine and through your own healing journey, you discovered the power of touch to heal and transform.
  • Maybe your story is different but you know in your heart, and with all of your being, that this is the work you are meant to do in the world.
  • You started your business with a passion to help others feel better but, things aren’t going to  plan.
  • Sometimes it feels like the more you try, the harder it is and you just can’t understand how to share the magic of what you do.
  • If only you could get people on the table, then they would know what you can do for them!
  • So you spend your time marketing your business, through Facebook groups, networking meetings and constantly having sales!
It’s enough to send someone completely mad!
You have amazing skills and really are a stand out therapists. You care deeply about your treatments and reputation and you don’t like to be compared to anyone else.
You know you’re different and you have always had a very hard time fitting in… even though you still keep trying to find where you fit in the marketplace.
You know deep down you just don’t fit into any box or any label!
You thought that if you were a great therapists, business growth would happen organically, word of mouth would work for you and you would be sitting on easy street, but that’s just not happening.
You find yourself working with people who aren’t your ideal clients — they don’t appreciate your skills, don’t show up for their sessions, or tell you they can’t afford you, and you find yourself feeling discouraged, wondering what’s the point of it all.
Sounds familiar, I know. 
I’ve been there too!
It took me years to find my feet in the industry and countless business coaches and mentors who tried to teach the standard marketing systems, which work perfectly for mainstream modalities , but not so much for holistic therapists.
I’ve almost thrown in the towel a few times and thought about going back to a 9 - 5 job, but in my heart, I knew it wasn’t an option for me. 

I loved my practice, I loved what I did, I loved my uniqueness, I just had to figure out this business thing!! 

As they say, you can’t have the rainbow, without the rain.

After all the trials and errors and finding out what works and doesn’t, I’ve created The Soulful Business Academy Program , tailored made for Holistic therapists, who are tired of experiencing burnout, overwhelm, and being broke! 

So imagine this -
Less Overwhelm
More Focused and Driven
Your Strengths Amplified
Less Shame
and Fear
More Motivation
Capacity to Handle Things
Clear Headed Decision Making
Faster Results For All Your Hard Work
This will short-cut achieving YOUR definition of success on YOUR terms!
No More...
Wasted time searching through facebook groups!
Throwing Away MONEY on promos that people aren't buying!
FRUSTRATION of working with the wrong type 
of client
In just 12 weeks, you’ll discover how to transform your gifted hands into a growing holistic
practice that allows you more time, more money, more peace of mind – 
AND more customer happiness!
It’s time for you to really step up and own your skills and be the caring, professional
practitioner that you are.
It’s time for you to build a soulful holistic practice, treating people you love while earning an
income that supports you!
I’m a big believer that whatever you can imagine in your mind is actually possible.

However, it can be difficult to bring your vision to life all by yourself, without really knowing  
how or what you should be focusing on… 

And it can be extra difficult if you do not have support and encouragement from people who  want to see you do well, and if you are not being guided by someone who has already done 
what you want to do.

It’s a big part of my mission to support big-hearted therapists like you, grow your practice so
that you can improve the lives of others
  • Earn more doing what you love, so that you have the money to live a lifestyle that  you really want.
  • Wake up each day to an appointment book filled with people you love while keeping  your energy high.
  • Turn your passion for healing into a thriving practice that feels aligned with your   soul purpose.
Then this program is just for you!
So how do you create a practice that has a great reputation, supports you financially and gives you that satisfaction of making a difference in people’s lives, without burning out or going back to a 9 - 5 job? 

You reach out for support.
The Soulful Business Academy
is a coaching program that gives you the tools and support  you need to create a thriving practice and allows you to step into and explore the amazing 
potential that you have.
Here’s what you'll walk away with...
Clarity and Accountability
We all know that everything starts with having the right mindset. Having a strong,  success-oriented mindset is essential to your journey. We teach you how to break down core mindset blocks, limiting beliefs and insecurities that are preventing you from reaching your goals and show you how to think (and act) from a place of power, ambition, and nonstop  belief in yourself.
Through messaging, we're going to showcase your zone of genius and show how you solve your ideal client’s pains so that when you show up in front of them, you’re 100% relevant and ready to serve. You will learn to create content marketing so that you can consistently create
highly valuable, branded, needed content in your space.
This pillar is all about strategising, building and implementing sales funnels and marketing  systems that work for you around the clock. We are big believers that action always trumps perfection, so jumping in with two feet and making decisions quickly is going to be essential 
to the process.
Automation and Habit Mastery
Now that we’ve laid the foundation and we’ve got your branding, client attraction, content marketing all solid, we want to make sure you’re not capping your time, income, 
or freedom.
You’re ready for The Soulful Business And this is what it includes…
Module 1
Business Clarity
It will become clear and you will learn quickly how you can create your dream practice.
We’ll begin with intention and clarity. Before we dive into marketing and business  design, we’ll get super clear about where your business is now, and where you want it to be.
Module 2
Designing Your 
Soulful Practice
Uncover your pricing and packaging sweet-spots to magnetize loyal, consistent, and
cash-friendly customers. A step-by-step plan to give your clients a premium experience,
from the first time they contact you, until they become regulars who tell everyone they
know about your awesomeness.
Module 3
Marketing with Soul
Create an authentic marketing plan, and start attracting people you love working with by
using branding, Facebook and website design. Watch your practice fill to overflowing
with a steady stream of happy, healthy customers that keep coming back for more!
Module 4
Creating Connection
Attune yourself with your clients’ needs by asking the right questions during their intake
and prior to every session. This increases your healing power and serves your clients
more deeply. and creates joyful, loyal lifetime clients using both online and offline styles
of marketing.
Module 5
Nurturing Techniques That Create Customer Loyalty
Caress clients into VIPs – both on the table and between visits with your own signature
client nurture system. VIP treatment creates joyful, loyal lifetime customers and turns
them into raving referral sources. Learn the power of setting up membership sites and
Facebook groups.
Module 6
Organize Your Practice
For Success
Balance and harmonize your practice with simple six figure success secrets. This
includes insights into managing your time, money, schedule, and patient documentation
to build trust and consistency with your clients.
Module 7
Winning Strategies 
For Sustainability
Master the art of celebrating your obstacles, challenges and successes to create
sustainability within your practice. Transforming your obstacles and challenges into powerful structures ensures profitability by keeping you connected to your passion for
your practice. Learn the art of managing your success.
The Soulful Business Academy is an online coaching program designed to take you from
where you are to where you want to be.

Are you ready to GROW your business within the next 12 months and are you prepared to
go all in to make it happen?

As soon as you join, you get immediate access to the course on everything from mindset,
goal setting, marketing, sales, manifestation and step by step Training, even for the most
non-tech person!!
If this program speaks to you, don’t delay!
Get the full Membership now!

Your Investment!
 per Week
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